Artificial Intelligence

AI For Marketing (No-Code)

Learn how to embrace AI for Marketing
Give your marketing strategy an unfair advantage by learning how to leverage artificial intelligence. No coding needed!
Create sophisticated machine learning models understand how to gather and clean data, select an algorithm, train, evaluate and deploy a
model without code.
Acquire the most in demand skills
Predictive Analytics
Learn how to predict churn, sales, advertising campaign performance, media buying mix, market basket analysis, lead scoring…
Learn how to create clusters to maximize your ROI. Show the right message to the right customer at the right moment.
Natural Language Processing
Learn how to use NLP for sentiment analysis, competition research, trend analysis, customer feedback analysis
Psychographic Personalization
Learn how to reveal user psychographics to predict user behavior and consumption preferences, segment users and personalize your website in real time based on psychographics to deliver hyper-personalized experiences.
Computer Vision
Drive visual social listening, learn how to use visual data for personalization, implement visual search for an ecommerce store. Detect logos, emotions, assign labels, understand text from images using computer vision.
AI Marketing Automation Chatbot
Learn how to create an AI-powered chatbots that learns by itself based on previous customer queries. It can help you scale, save time, save cost, provide greater customer satisfaction, increase customer engagement, monitor consumer data to gain insights.
Who this course is for:
Top management positions like CXO, Vice President & Directors
Professionals working in Business Intelligence and those aspiring to become Data Translators
Marketers looking to up-skill and practically apply AI in business.
Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs looking to start an AI product or service
Product research and development teams
Business consultants, business developers, account managers and sales
Professors and student looking to explore the world of AI Udemy


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