Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence for beginners

This little course nicely structures all the things around Artificial Intelligence. What is what and how it works. It gives you a skeleton with basic muscles. You don’t have to search the web and process tons of information.
Who’s fit for this?
The very beginners can go from scratch with no special software or equipment. Everyone will cross the finish line.
You will code yourself and keep with you 5 practical AI models to do real things with your own data. I am giving you the source codes and data samples for each lesson, so you don’t need to stand up from your chair.
What’s inside?
5 video-lessons 30 mins each. Covering AI, Neural Networks and non-neural AI. Core theory and breath-taking practice. With Python and Google Colab. Even if you don’t know the things, I’m covering this. And Google Account too. And how to install Chrome web-browser if you don’t have one. Everything to make sure you come from zero to hero.
Why do this?
Yes, you won’t become Facebook AI engineer immediately after you finish the course. But this little trampoline will let you fly with your point finger close to his foot heel.
You can just watch if you are a business, thinking of AI development. Or if you are afraid of Skynet and the Rise of machines. In any of the cases these 3 hours will get you very high from where you are.
Who this course is for:
Unexperienced beginners, looking for promotion or career change
Unexperienced beginners, who are just curious about AI Udemy


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