HTML5 Canvas create 5 Games 5 Projects Learn JavaScript

Learn HTML5 Canvas Element – Quick Introduction to Canvas HTML5
Introduction to drawing using JavaScript on HTML5 Canvas Element – This course requires JAVASCRIPT CODING!!!!!
Do not take this course without prior coding experience – JavaScript and HTML and prerequisites
New content just added – how to create your first game using HTML5 and Canvas – fun interactive battle game with computer brain and dynamic values. Explore how to make Canvas based games
#1 HTML5 Canvas Pong Game – Hit the ball between ready 2 players on screen. Source Code included build your own version of the game.
#2 HTML5 Canvas Falling items catcher Game – Objective of the game is to catch items as they fall. Score when you catch colorful balls avoid the blinking resizing items or you lose a life.
#3 Bubble popper with Mouse Clicks – hover mouse over items and pop them. Score when you click and pop endless bubbles that float up the screen. Colorful bubbles.
#4 Brick breakout game – Build your version of this classic brick breaker game. Dynamic game elements, adding bonus falling items and more. Take this game to the next level add more and customize the dynamic game values.
#5 Battle Bots Game on Canvas – with 2 autonomous players or take control and have 2 players using the keyboard. You won’t find THIS GAME anywhere else –
How to draw elements on Canvas
How to add keyboard event listeners for arrow keys and player interaction
How to add animation for smooth gameplay
How to add game scoring and logic
How to apply automation to player movement
Create 2 player interaction and response to game actions
Projects –
How to download canvas image to computer – simple code to add a download button downloading your canvas image as base64 image file to your computer.
Create a Matrix falling letters effect using HTML5 Canvas. Add this special, effect using JavaScript
Explore how to make a bouncing ball on canvas
Upload images from your computer into canvas
Draw on canvas simple drawing application project
Source Code included —
Explore how you can use JavaScript to draw within the HTML5 Canvas element on your webpages
Source Code included – step by step lessons with an introduction to basics of drawing on canvas. Course will walk through how to use JavaScript code and syntax to create visual content within the HTML5 canvas element on the webpage.
The canvas element is part of HTML5 and allows for dynamic, scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images.
Course covers Getting started with HTML5 Canvas Drawing
How to Start Drawing on Canvas with JavaScript.
Learn Basics of Drawing on Canvas
Color Units and options for line and fill Color within Canvas objects
Strokes and Lines drawing more objects on Canvas
How to create Draw Arcs and Circles.
Add Text to Canvas JavaScript
Options and how to draw Line Styles Canvas
Using Images – Image Options Canvas HTML5 JavaScript drawing
Color Gradients and Styling Fun radial and linear
Applying Text Shadows to text content within Canvas
How to use Save and Restore.
Scaling reverse Text mirror your text content
Creating Canvas animations using JavaScript
Project how to create Image Rotator.
Canvas Drawing Draw a StickMan Challenge
This course is a fast paced course with all the source code included – Please try the code as you got hough the lessons to learn.
There are prerequisites to this course – please ensure you do have the skillset to learn the content presented within the lessons. The design is to explore HTML5 Canvas and how it works. Scope of this course is HTML5 Canvas and content related to the learning objective will only be covered in the lessons of this course. Perfect to get introduced to HTML5 Canvas or as a refresher to anyone already familiar with web coding.
Taught by a web developer with over 20 years experience – ready to help you learn and answer any questions you might have.
Fast friendly support is always available within the Q&A section
Who this course is for:
Web developers
Web Designers
Anyone who wants to learn more about creating web content
Anyone who wants to create Games with HTML and JavaScript Udemy


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