JS – deep insights to some weird but JS important concepts

Your wait for a wonderful course on JavaScript classes, modules, pattern matching and regular expressions is just a click away.
This course on JavaScript is an intermediate level course consisting of all that you should need to know in order to become an amazing programmer with influential skills to master your firm/organization in which you are working or amaze everyone at academic level with your outstanding plus crystal clear knowledge on JavaScript.
On an overall this course is divided into various sections. Each section contains lectures explained with examples for the learners’ benefit. The main and very fundamental concept of this course is to make you accustomed with what exactly is real-time programming.
Some of the concepts included are as follows:
Classes and Constructors
Classes and Prototypes
Augmenting classes
Classes and Types
Object Oriented Techniques in JavaScript
Sub classes
Classes in ECMAScript 5
Defining regular expressions
Alteration, Grouping and References
Specific Match Position
String methods for pattern matching
The RegExp object and further many
Being a to the point course for all level of earners willing to learn these concepts, this course will prove to you a one time investment helping you to develop outshining skills. From beginners to advanced level learners, anyone can take this course for an all new experience with programming at their level. Beginners would get to learn from scratch while advanced learners can take up this for clearing doubts and learning the easiest paths to programming.
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Who this course is for:
Anyone willing to learn Javascript from scratch
Anyone who wants to work smartly on Javascript
Programmers searching for a course to clear doubts
Students willing to make amazing projects on Javascript
Programmers willing to crack any job technical round Udemy


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