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Watch And Earn – Android App Source Code

The app is for people who want to make money and have a lot of time. It works so ,that users of app watch ads , spin wheel and choose daily bonus.You get several coins for each ad and you collect them until you have a certain amount of coins(set to 500,000 but can be changed).If admob disapproves your ads, you can add another ad platform there. Then the user can change coins for real money.

Instructions for the app owner:
I used AdMob ads in my app. You must create an account at (link) and sign up to all in-app ads.You’ll get enough money from your ads.When the user of the app achieve a certain coins , he will be able to send you an e-mail with his PayPal email and the amount of money he will receive for coins.Then you send him money f

Software Version: Android 9.0, Android 8.1, Android 8.0, Android 7.2.x, Android 7.1.x, Android 6.0, Android 5.1.x, Android 5.0


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